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Male genitals and sperm in premature ejaculation

The process of ejaculation is the movement of pelvic muscles in order for contractions to be able to transport the sperm through the urethra all the way to the tip of the penis for the release of sperm to be possible. Unfortunately, for some men, this process can become rather complicated and they can start to experience what is known as premature ejaculation due to overstimulation of the muscles which cause for the release of the sperm to occur much faster than expected.

The biggest problem with this is that it can cause a great deal of distress for men who experience it. The problem of premature ejaculation has always been a theme of joke and ridicule in society with very derogatory jokes being made to men who suffer from this condition and are unable to satisfy a woman sexually due their lack of control of their ejaculation process. This is a very serious problem due to the social pressure and anxiety that is attached to it.

The male genitals and sperm

The size of the male organ and the quantity of the sperm have nothing to do with the outcome of the condition. There are many reasons why this problem can occur, but these are never related to the male genitals or the sperm count that can be found with each release.