Premature ejaculation treatment

The modern world can make us feel stressed and anxious quite easily and we are always trying to make sure that we can fit a full day of activities and challenges in a very thigh schedule. This, in combination with all other things that can happen in our daily lives, can be a very draining experience and it can lead to problems with sexual performance.

This is a problem that can be extremely serious for men and not so much for their physical health and their mental health. A man who suffers from premature ejaculation is much more likely to suffer from depression and from all kinds of problems that are derived from social anxiety that is caused by all of the stigmas and the prejudice that is related to any issues with sexual performance. Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are both part of this phenomenon.

The treatments for premature ejaculation

There are many ways to treat this kind of issue and in some cases the cure can be found in a change of diet and exercise, but there are other situations in which other medical conditions can cause for this to start happening and that is the moment when the use of prescription drugs such as Ventolin, Dapoxetine and Albuterol are going to be required in order to see if things get better.

The kind of treatments that are given to a patient are going to depend mostly on their response to natural approaches. The most important thing to keep in mind is that patience is going to be the main element in this kind of situation because the male that suffers from premature ejaculation might be suffering from it because of many different reasons.

The stress factor can be a very common cause for this kind of condition and the only way that anyone could ever be able to get cured is by relaxing and living a life that is not as hectic and full of situations that make an individual feel tense and nervous all day long.

Proper dieting and exercise play a huge role

Even if your doctor prescribes the use of Ventolin, Albuterol or Dapoxetine, there is always going to be a chance that you have to worry about the medication not being able to work properly if you are a very sedentary person and you don’t eat a properly balanced diet. You need to exercise and take better care of your body in order for everything to be as good as possible and for the medication you are taking to be even more helpful.

People don’t realize that there is a very close connection between stress and the lack of proper nutrition that a large number of men suffer from. There are many people who eat more than 3 meals a day, but they are still lacking proper nutrition. You need to eat more fruits, vegetables and lean meat if you want to have the best results.


Drinking plenty of water and advising any fried foods and junk food in general is also going to be essential in order for the problem to be cured successfully. The combination of pharmaceutical and proper dieting is essential in most cases.

The causes for premature ejaculation are not completely certain and there are still more things that need to be discovered in regards to this problem. There are many doctors who attribute this problem to sexual performance anxiety and there is plenty of evidence that this is indeed a very common cause, but there are many things that need to be considered in order to find out if medication is also going to be important for this process.