How to deal with premature ejaculation?

This is not a disease and get rid of that you can own, without resorting to medical treatment. Premature ejaculation - it is a process, the occurrence of which can not be controlled, ejaculation occurs very quickly, after 15-30 seconds from the beginning of proximity or even before its occurrence. It is also possible involuntary ejaculation prior to the erection necessary for sexual intercourse beginning.

Causes of premature ejaculation:Lack of experience in sexual relations - a common and easily solves the cause quick ejaculation,irregular sexual contacts,psychological reasons: emotional trauma, long-term depression, etc .,somatic problems,adverse drug reactions,excessive excitement, the anticipation of a long process.

Ways to deal with premature ejaculation:

1. The use of condoms. One of the simplest and most effective methods of contraception is the condom. The fact is that they reduce the sensitivity of the penis and allow intimate blizosti.Vazhno increase the duration in this case does not use thin condoms. In some species, grease the inner surface of the latex causes mild numbness and reduced sensitivity. This allows you to delay the moment of ejaculation.

2. Applying pressure. In order to delay ejaculation can be played on the features of anatomy: pressure on the perineum - between the scrotum and the anus, there is an influence on the prostate gland. During ejaculation, it is reduced and causes orgasm. The impact on this area of ​​the body will last longer enjoy intimacy with a partner. Pulling the testicles - when approaching ejaculation scrotum rises higher than in the normal state, a slight pulling it down to avoid premature eyakulyatsii.Sdavlivanie penis - he felt the approach of orgasm, stop and squeeze the body just below the head, adjust the length of this action alone, until you feel that the blood drain. Then you can continue sexual intercourse.

3. Change positions. Under certain poses pressure on the head of the penis becomes the maximum, which causes premature ejaculation. In particular, the missionary position "partner behind." Replace these postures, which will be active partner. Also effectively position the side. In itself, a natural change positions during intercourse able to delay the moment of ejaculation.

4. Increase the duration of foreplay. Long-term affection not only increase the duration of sexual intercourse, but also a great pleasure for your partner. Use the whole arsenal: a gentle touch, light kisses, you can resort to erotic toys, stimulation with hands or mouth.